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The JKL Group is a personalised, passionate and proud organisation that provides quality and professional services tailored to help meet your needs.

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Personal, that’s what JKL prides itself in being, a service that dissolves barriers and builds relationships with clients to create a tailored, quality and professional service for every individual. 

Passionate, warm hearted and kind personal assisitants who focus on you. A comfortable, reliable service that will strive all year round to make sure your needs are our top priority.

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The JKL Group has two separate organisations working to better the lives of adults over that age 18 in Lanarkshire. JKL Care Services is a registered care company that aims to provide high quality, personalised care to those who need it. This includes but is not limited to personal care tasks. The other organisation is JKL Domestic companions, this non-profit social enterprise was founded by Joanne. Joanne set up domestic companions after working with large numbers of people who access self directed support and witnessing how care needs where being met but for many vulnerable adults receiving self directed support budgets they still felt socially isolated and their mental wellbeing was at risk. Joanne began to wonder if those receiving self directed support budgets weren't able to receive adequate social support and felt socially excluded, then how many people in society that didn't have access to self directed support were currently feeling totally marginalised with no way back into society. That is why domestic companions was set up to try and identify and tackle this issue. 

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Choosing the right care or dealing with dementia can be difficult, that's why we are here to help. 

            We provide information and assistance to anyone so don't struggle alone, let us help. 

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The JKL Family came together on the 16th of November to raise money for the MS Society. Together we managed to raise £270 from our #CakeBreak and we would like to thank our service users and colleagues for their generous donations and fantastic contribution to make a day to remember. 

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