JKL Domestic Companions is offering a free delivery service to 0ver 70's living alone and vulnerable adults living alone. 

Delivery service

JKL Domestic Companions will offer delivery services for the over 70's in Hamilton, Larkhall, Motherwell and East Kilbride. Any over 70's being advised to self isolate, or any vulnerable disabled adults within these areas can contact JKL Domestic companions to receive free support. 

- JKL will offer one medication / prescription pick up per week. 

- JKL will also offer one shopping trip per week for necessities to be delivered to your home. 

Contact JKL Domestic companions on 01698 681575 or by email on [email protected] to arrange this service. 

We will have to invoice any customers before the service can be carried out for the money to buy the shopping. 

We do ask that you make a contribution to the mileage for the delivery driver, this will be a small optional cost.