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JKL Domestic Companions is a social enterprise that aims to provide social support for adults to help improve their mental wellbeing. It's JKL Domestic Companions aim to assist with combating the social exclusion felt by many adults in our communities. 

JKL Domestic companions provides companionship, domestic and social services. It is the aim of JKL to eventually provide classes and coffee mornings to help give individuals in social isolation a chance to get out and reintegrate back into the community. 

Founded by Joanne JKL Domestic Companions is a non-profit social enterprise that has been founded to bolster the limited action that has been taken to combat the social exclusion plaguing contemporary society. Domestic companions aim is to sell services such as companionship and domestic services to adults at an affordable rate.

The companionship service gives someone the opportunity to gain a new friend who can take them on day trips, shopping or even just give them company. This service aims to allow people to combat loneliness and reintegrate into society with the help of us.

The domestic services is a home help service however is not limited to this, our colleagues can came assist with housework and keep you company.

All profit will be invested into social events to tackle social exclusion, unfortunately society at the moment forgets those who have became marginalised so it is domestic companions aim to reinvest the money made to set up free coffee mornings, knitting clubs, arts and crafts clubs, bingo etc. so that people have the opportunity to come out of their isolations and do something they enjoy.

Domestic companions hopes that by providing these opportunities they can build a stronger community and help the vulnrable in our community who find themselves in social isolation because of age, disability or due to loneliness. 

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Domestic Servcies

Companionship Services

JKL Domestic Companions Rate

JKL Care Services cost breakdown:

One hour visit - £19.00

Half hour visit - £10.00

This can be paid to us through a self directed support budget. There can also be a private contract set up either to top up the self directed support budget or to pay the prices directly.