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How we can help you.

At JKL Care Services, we offer a choice of care at home and support services which are specifically tailored to your needs. The services which we offer are flexible and can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. JKL Care services currently cares for a variety of needs such as MS, Dementia, spina bifida, etc. our highly trained personal assistants can cover almost any care need. JKL care services is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Regardless of your requirements, our dedicated personal assistants would be delighted to arrange a visit to speak with you in the comfort of your own home about the services which would best suit you.

Don't hesitate to call our team on 01698 478851 or contact us by email for advice. 

After the initial conversation we would begin to put together a care assessment to better understand you or your loved ones needs and situation so we can provide the best tailored service for them. At JKL Care Services we value the importance of mental wellbeing as well as physical so put in place a develpment plan for each of our service users so we can introduce them to our care as comfortably as possible. This development plan then gets reviewed every six months as JKL tries to help you achieve aims and goals such as getting up on christmas day or getting a break away to the seaside. This is optional however our finding show that providing this social support for our clients betters their mental health and empowers them to begin to feel some independance and happieness. However, as mentioned this is totally vaulantay to set these goal however the option will be given every 6 months at the review of the service user. 

All JKL employees work as Personal assistants and that means JKL can do more than just personal care they work personally with you to help you or your loved ones mental and physical wellbeing.

JKL Care Services can be accessed in several ways:

  • You have Self Directed Support Funding and wish to purchase support.
  • You wish to make a private arrangement with ourselves directly.

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Dementia Care

JKL Care Services Rate

JKL Care Services cost breakdown:

One hour visit - £19.00

Half hour visit - £10.00

This can be paid to us by the local authority or through a self directed support budget. There can also be a private contract set up either to top up the self directed support budget or to pay the prices directly.

Please contact us at JKL, Care & Support Services to discuss how 

we can create a Individualised service to meet your needs