Service user Reviews

Review One

"JKL Care took over my mum's care after she was let down by her pr​evious care company and ended up in respite care. The girls have made a real difference to my parent's lives and I would recommend them to anyone requiring a professional service."

Review Two

 "Karen and Lorna, as well as the rest of the staff at JKL, cheer me up in addition to looking after all my personal care needs. I look forward to seeing them and having conversations as they make me feel better about my health and wellbeing."

Review Three

 "The staff at JKL have helped to make me so much happier as they are truly interested and invested in my wellbeing and physical needs. The service that they have provided has definitely improved the quality of my life and I feel a lot more confident in various aspects."

Review Four

My wife has MS and is bedbound. JKL service has been brilliant. Nothing is a problem. The carers have all been very efficient, pleasant and carried out all tasks with kindness and consideration for her dignity. Would and do recommend JKL to everyone.

Review Five

3. They give me the support and help I need to care for my wife at home.

J - Just

K – Keep

L – Loving

Their service.

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